AIDS Info BBS: AIDS Periodicals


AIDS Info BBS: AIDS Periodicals


Collection of files (all in plain text [.txt] format) held in the Periodicals portion of the AIDS Info BBS. Newsletter age varies, but covers the late 1980s up to the early 2000s, depending on the publication. File hierarchy (listed below) mirrors original source.

Total files:
772 Files
e includes:

  • actup - Treatment Issues Digest, published weekly by ACT UP/NY's Treatment Issues committee
  • atn - Issues of AIDS Treatment News, published by John James
  • bealive - Issues of the Los Angeles-based Being Alive Newsletter
  • bealivew - Issues of the Los Angeles-based Women Being Alive Newsletter
  • beta - Issues of the Bulletin of Experimental Treatments for AIDS, published by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation
  • catie - Issues of the Treatment Update newsletter
  • critpath - Issues of the Critical Path AIDS Project Newsletter
  • eurocaso - Newsletter published in Europe, circa 1992
  • focus - Newsletter published by the AIDS Health Project, which was affiliated with University of California, San Francisco
  • gmhcissues - Treatment Issues, a newsletter published by the Gay Men's Health Crisis
  • kairos - Newsletters from Kairos House, a support center for AIDS caregivers located in San Francisco.
  • naplwa - Newsletter for the National Association of People Living With AIDS
  • napwa - Newsletter for the National Association of People With AIDS
  • pediatric - The Pediatric AIDS Newsletter is published by SPIN, the Service Provider Informatiion Network of the Boston AIDS Consortium
  • projnform - Newsletter and documents produced by San Francisco-based organization Project Inform
  • search - Newsletter of Los Angeles-based Searchlight group
  • seasons - Newsletter of The National Native American AIDS Prevention Center in Oakland, CA.






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